In this day and age farmers get a lot of pressure to maintain profitability and this does not help with constant energy price rises. Some farms can be reasonably high energy uses and solar PV is a winning force against these energy rises.

A system can be self financed or financed with one of our financing partners to give great return on investment. A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for larger systems could see you with a solar PV system at no cost to your business.

We have installed solar on farm nationwide and as it says above a power purchase agreement that requires no investment from the client and will typically reduce your electricity bills by around 50% for the next 20 – 40 years. This is very project specific though and we can talk to you about this.

Lets bring down that energy usage.

Running a farm with high energy usage such as poultry or dairy farms this is where you will see a lot of the profits going. Its the same if you have special equipment to chill or store produce like vegetables will also be running up your meter, these are things eating into your profit margins.

Reduce your costs with solar

It can be hard for farms to suddenly stump up the money for a solar PV installation, a finance deal that gets mostly paid back by the solar PV system can be an option. For large systems a power purchase agreement (PPA) will allow you to take advantage of a free solar PV system. You buy your energy for about half the price you would normally from the investor, getting a free system and saving lots of money going forward.

A solar PV system will help you when dealing with retailers that are campaigning for greener supply chains. Give your business and edge and cut costs.