[dropcaps_dark] O [/dropcaps_dark] ur combo systems take more than one technology and combine them. This makes you even less reliant on the energy companies with their expensive fuel and saves you a fortune. With the governments subsidies you could be getting paid a tidy sum to for doing so.

When you combine installs you can really save money also on your installation costs too. Let’s say you had solar PV and solar thermal at the same time, which means one scaffold and one roofing team. This is also the same with many combinations, so if you would like quotes to see what’s best for you and how much it would cost then please get in touch.

The savings from combo systems are amazing and there are some popular ones:

[simple_box_1] Solar PV & Air Source Heat Pumps[/simple_box_1]

[simple_box_1] Solar Thermal & Biomass Boilers [/simple_box_1]

[simple_box_1] Solar PV & Solar Thermal [/simple_box_1]

[simple_box_1] Solar PV & Electric Underfloor Heating [/simple_box_1]

[simple_box_1] Air Source Heat Pump & Pumped Underfloor Heating [/simple_box_1]

For example you have an air source heat pump running your hot water and heating, a air source heat pump will create 4kW of energy (heat) for every 1kW you put into it. That is a fantastic way to start saving money as the heat pump is so efficient at creating that heat, far more than your average hi efficiency combi-boiler or electric heating. Plus the other benefit is that the heat pump stays on regulating the temperature in your home, it works better running at a low rate constantly.

But now imagine you have solar PV on your roof giving the heat pump the little energy it needs all day long to tick over. Suddenly you are heating your home and hot water (and the heating can stay on over winter) in your home for very very little cost at all.

If you would like to explore any of these avenues whether you have one technology fitted already or are looking at multi install and need some data to look at, please give us a call.

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