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At Bespoke Renewable Solutions, we can help you with the energy performance for your business. Using our knowledge to monitor, design and install new technologies in your building. We reduce your costs by a huge amount, lowering energy usage and making sure you are purchasing the correct energy for your company.

We think you will be surprised at what you can save.

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Technology we use

We use different technologies depending on the scenario. These are not the only technologies we use, but it will give you a taste. An energy survey will let us determine what’s best for you.

Infrared Heating

Infrared heating

Infrared is, without a doubt, the future of heating. Energy efficient, highly controllable, stylish and discrete, comfortable and sustainable heating when you want it, where you want it. Easy to install, no maintenance and easy to control. Infrared heaters have zero light and silent operation with no fumes. Combines with solar to give FREE heating and zero CO2.

Saving 60%

About us

A fully integrated consultancy service.

Starting back in 2010 as a Renewable Energy business, we have been supplying companies and homes with energy saving systems all over the UK.

Now focusing more on the business sector we offer a broad range of technologies to improve your building’s carbon footprint and reduce your bills. This all detailed in a proposal with cost and payback analysis.

Our service includes design & engineering; finance; products; project management and installation. Get a free survey and let us show you how your business can be more competitive by reducing costs and improving your company profile.

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We cover

Small Businesses

Small business

Shops, Restaurants and Retail including chain outlets.

M/L Businesses

Offices, Leisure, Healthcare, Schools and Public Sector.


Manufacturing, warehouse, construction, transport and logistics.

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Our work



The biggest saving so far we have seen just on lighting. ILG had such bad lights when we changed it over it saved them 83% on their lighting bills. Most of their expenditure for energy annually was being spent on providing this light.

It has made them much more profitable now ongoing, and the expected lifespan of a LED light is 20 years. This gives great long term savings and the return on the investment can be as little as two years.

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Area we cover

We cover most of the UK and are situated in the Midlands, Leicestershire.

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Tailored packages

Every job is tailored especially for your needs and your type of business.

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Our work



Using Solar and the church changing to LED lighting, NTCG (Handsworth) made some incredible savings and carbon reduction. They had high usage for a modern built church, and we got this down in total by 75%.

This technology saved them around £15,000.00 each year on energy bills in just one building. The savings can be enormous depending on the project.

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Bespoke started with one of our churches in Birmingham, the new and purpose built Handsworth property. They fitted it out with 240 solar panels. We also have made changes to the way the building uses its electricity. The results have been fantastic; energy saving matters in this day and age.
Pastor Deverton Douglas, NTCG
Ellen talks about LED lighting
With our lighting now updated, we are saving a fortune on our energy bills. We had no idea that just changing the lights could make such a dramatic difference to the energy we use. We are thoroughly thrilled with the results and thank Bespoke for making the whole process so easy to implement.
Ellen Philips MD, ILG

“Reptiles and amphibians are sometimes seen as simple, primitive creatures. That’s a long way from the truth. The fact that they are solar-powered means that their bodies require only 10% of the energy that mammals of a similar size require. At a time when we ourselves are becoming increasingly concerned about the way in which we get our energy from the environment and the wasteful way in which we use it, maybe there are things that we can learn from Life in Cold Blood.”

Sir David Attenborough

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Energy Prices?!

Let’s push down the bills

Not only are we installers of carbon and energy saving products. As part of our package, we can also get your gas and electricity prices down. Our whole package is built to make your company substantially better off financially while reducing your carbon footprint. We don’t know anyone on the market doing quite the same.

We keep an eye on the best market prices so you don’t have to.

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See it for yourself

Don’t just take our word for it!

Once we have installed new technology on your site, you will be able to see the live data on how this is performing remotely.

It will also hold all the historical data of what you are saving, using or producing should you have Solar PV or heating controls installed. This information can be very useful and backs up the figures for the projected savings.

Technology that works for you.

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Bespoke Renewable Solutions

A fully integrated consultancy service for energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

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