Green Deal InstallersThere is much speculation by the public an businesses about the green deal and how it works for them. We will take you through the basics and how it can benefit you, your home or your business.


The Green Deal How It works

You can make energy-saving improvements without having to pay huge costs up front through the Green Deal. This applies to homes and businesses across the United Kingdom. The focus being on improving our CO2 emissions and taking the pressure off the national gas and electric supplies that are getting more expensive and harder to get. Not only that but with these measures in place you will be saving your home or business money on high energy bills.

The energy-saving improvements include:

  • Insulation –  loft, cavity or solid wall insulation
  • Heating
  • Draught-proofing
  • Double glazing
  • Renewable energy technologies, like solar panels, heat pumps or wind turbines.



What you need to do


  • Get an assessment of your property this will show you what improvements could be made under the green deal and the energy savings your home or business will benefit from.
  • Choose a Green Deal provider, you discuss with them what work you want done and whether the Green Deal is right for you.
  • If you want to go ahead you must sign your Green Deal Plan – this is the same as having any other company doing work on your home or business. You will sign a contract between you and the provider showing what work is to be done and how much it will cost. Providers don’t always necessarily do the work so a registered Green Deal installer will be brought in to do the relevant installation (Bespoke Renewable Solutions) .
  • When your installation is complete, you will pay off the money for the work in installments through your electricity bill. The idea being you have reduced your bills enough to cover the payments and make you a saving.



Getting an assessed for the Green Deal

Get an assessment of your property HERE by choosing Bespoke Renewable Solutions as your Green Deal assessor.

You may have to pay for an Green Deal assessment, this depends on who you have the installation works done with. If the relevant works our done by our company there will be no assessment fee.

The assessment

Our assessor will come and look at your property, discuss your energy use and take down details of the proposed property.

This will the generate a Green Deal Advice Report – This report will layout what improvements you can make to the property and estimate the savings on your energy bills.

The assessment After

A Green Deal provider will discuss what work is right for you. They will liaise to get the Green Deal Finance and for any work to be done.

You can get quotes from as many providers as you like – you don’t have to choose all, or any, of their recommendations.


The Repayment

The repayment amount  for Green Deal improvements is based on the energy savings your household or business is forecast  to save by having the work done to the property.

The cost of these repayments will be shown in your Green Deal Plan, this will include the interest rate also. You will have all this information upfront to make an informed decision on having the work done.

Most work under the Green Deal should reduce your heating bill as you will be using less electricity, gas or oil.  Actual savings through the scheme depend on your energy use in your home or business and the future cost of energy.

You should cut your energy bill significantly to cover the repayments and make savings but once you have had the work done please also be aware of the energy you are using and is it necessary. We find people that have had solar panels really elaborate on this because most of them get energy monitors with there systems.

Before you sign any Green Deal Plan, please check you understand the repayment rules thoroughly.

How you repay

You pay the money back through your electricity bill to your electricity company. The reason for it being linked to your electricity meter is because that will stay with the house. -If you move, you will no longer be benefiting from the improvements that was done to the property and therefore stop paying for them. The Green Deal finance stays with the property and not you. This is a great idea for getting properties all over the country up to energy efficient standards.

For prepayment meters, a small price will be deducted from the meter card each day instead. Thus meaning just about everyone can get access to the Green Deal.


Rented Properties

Landlords have to bring there properties up to certain standards and the Green Deal is a fantastic way to do this. The landlords get the works done to the property with little or no upfront costs and the tenants pay for the Green Deal measures over time .

The person paying the electricity bill pays the money back.  IE: If you’re a new or old tenant in a rented property, you’ll be paying back the costs, not the landlord. The basic reason is because the tenant can expect to benefit from lower energy costs that have been made by entering the scheme.

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