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Why Commercial Solar

Solar Panels for Business?

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Why Commercial Solar

Solar Panels for Home?

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Our solar panel service and experience deliver every time, you can be sure that we have the knowledge to see any job to completion with ease. From the initial quotation to financing and solar panel installation, our award-winning service will see you proud.

Over the years we have helped thousands of businesses and residential homes all over the United Kingdom. Every solar panel installation is different and we plan for every single one. From small residential solar panels to megawatt roof-mounted solar PV system for business, our expertise in the design of these systems is first rate.

About Us

Bespoke Renewable Solutions was formed in Leicester in 2011. Our aim is to supply residential solar panel systems and commercial solar panel systems to our clients. The experience we have gained working in the sector has enabled us to complete larger commercial solar PV projects. With more emphasis today on corporate responsibility and organisations to become greener and environmentally friendly. By installing solar, we feel we’re doing our bit to ‘Save the world.’ We are helping homes and businesses get aware of their ecological footprint, and to save money.

Solar energy is no longer an ‘out of reach technology.’ The industry has gone through some significant changes over the last few years which have pushed the cost of solar panels down dramatically. As the price of this technology reduces, it is becoming increasingly attractive to clients all over the UK.

Case Studies

Here are a few examples of our work in the solar PV sector. Based in Leicester, we are well situated to work and roll out solar panel installations all over the UK.

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