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The owner of Bespoke Renewable Solution, I cover solar PV, energy efficiency, and all related energy matters. I also have a strong online presence and run a few online media websites.

Low carbon drive ‘cuts household bills

Britain's low carbon energy revolution is actually saving money for households, a report says. Households make a net saving of £11 a month, according to analysis from the Committee on Climate Change. It calculates that subsidies to wind and solar are adding £9 a month to the average bill, but that rules promoting energy efficiency save £20 a month. The finding will be challenged by groups which say the UK spends too much on renewable energy. Savings But the committee, which advises the government, stands by its analysis, and forecasts a continuing trend of downward prices thanks to [...]

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AC Battery Storage Reduction

The price of AC battery storage has yet come down again,  if you are looking at a smaller solar PV system and would like to incorporate battery storage to to BOOST savings then now has not been a better time. This battery storage system comes with rangers from 2.4kW to 9.6kW. The system also comes with integrated inverter so is best suited to new installations. Please get in touch to find out more. ENQUIRE NOW

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ILG had 400 x 250W solar panels fitted to the roof of their sussex plant. This system will produce 92,800kWh per year and covered the consumption used at the site. We also changed the lighting at ILG, they had such bad lights when we changed it over it saved them 83% on their lighting bills. A vast amount was being spent on the lighting at the plant before it was changed. It has made them much more profitable now ongoing, the expected lifespan of solar pv is 30 years plus and the LED lighting will run [...]

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Mr Popejoy – 300W LG NEON

Mr Popejoy had the space for a 4kW system using the south and east roof but he decided to go just on the front of the house using a more powerful panel. This panel was the LG 300W NEON that proved to be very effective with is high efficiency, giving him more power for the space. The 8 x 300W panel make a 2.4kW system and these high efficiency panels work extremely well. When we did a revisit to fit a add-on to the system they had ordered even we were surprised at the power this [...]

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Marble Homes – 250W Perlight

Marble Homes have been building a new site on Maynell Road in Evington Leicester. To build the site the council asked Marble Homes to make the project produce 14% of its energy from renewable sources. After looking at this commercial project and technologies it was decided that solar PV would be the best option. The calculations where done and it was decided 216 solar panels spread over the site would produce the energy we needed. These were Perlight 250W black solar panels and as you can see they fit in very nice. Much time and planning [...]

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Mr Lewis – 265W Yingli

Mr Lewis had 15 x 265W Yingli panels fitted to his back roof. This system was 3.975kW in total power and as you can see from the image below was producing lots of power when it was switched on. This is a very good panel and Mr Lewis has been very happy with the results. As you can see from the photo's we actually removed his stack pipe from the roof to make room for the extra panel. This is very easy procedure and we can usually do it within the quoted price of a normal [...]

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Mr Lui – 250W UpSolar

Mr Lui had a a 4kW system with eight panels on the front of his house and eight panels on the back. This is done by using a duel inverter that can process the two sides separately without the panels on each side effecting each other. Obviously at different times of the day the two side will gain from more direct light (irradiation). It has been proven that a east/west system can actually produce more than a south facing system at certain times. [button size="medium" link="" target="blank"] Get free online quote >> [/button] [divider_20] [thshpr_gallery title="Mr [...]

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ReneSola and Samil Power System Hits 4230W!

For a short time now we have been fitting the new ReneSola 265w solar panels. The new 265w panel are a great panel and its efficiency is 16.3% which is quite a bit higher than the standard mono or poly crystalline panels with its size being the same as a 250w panel.We did get a shock though when finishing set-up to see his system producing 4230Watts. The inverter had been set to G59 settings as there was a problem with the network in his area with the voltages being slightly high. The G59 setting will open up the inverter a bit more but [...]

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