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ReneSola and Samil Power System Hits 4230W!

For a short time now we have been fitting the new ReneSola 265w solar panels. The new 265w panel are a great panel and its efficiency is 16.3% which is quite a bit higher than the standard mono or poly crystalline panels with its size being the same as a 250w panel.We did get a shock though when finishing set-up to see his system producing 4230Watts. The inverter had been set to G59 settings as there was a problem with the network in his area with the voltages being slightly high. The G59 setting will open up the inverter a bit more but [...]

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Solar Edge solar panel installers Leicester

Being one of the premier solar panel installers in Leicester we aim to bring you the best and widest range of products we can. We have been fitting Solar Edge systems for a while now and the production figures really add up. If you are looking to install a solar panel system a normal inverter will do the job and some we provide work very well, such as SMA, Samil Power, Fronius, MasterVault and Power One but if you are looking for something a bit more special we advice Solar Edge. Solar Edge inverter's come with something called the power optimizer, this device goes [...]

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Bespoke In Talks With S-O-N

This week we here up in Manchester to visit our friends Sold On Renewables about some of their new products and and finance options that are now available. We looked at some impressive new products while we where at there premises some which we will be supplying. The first was the new style of heat pump that works indoors directly with and housed in a cylinder mounting creating hot water and extremely cheaply. The second was the Sunbag Solar Storage Tank a combined solar thermal cylinder and pump station all in one. These are both very [...]

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Leicestershire see’s the build of UK’s first Solar House

We are pleased to announce that the UK's real first ‘Solar House’ has been given planning permission by Harborough District Council. The build will be taken on by Caplin Homes and the  Solar panel Home will use hybrid solar panels  to meet the property’s electrical, heating and hot water requirements.  Solar energy produced from the panels in the summer can be stored by heating the ground beneath the building and this is retrieved through a heat pump in the winter. The design of the two storey house also uses other methods (some of that go back [...]

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Government confirms way forward on renewable heat incentive

A long term plan to ensure the government’s renewable heat scheme for commercial, industrial and community organisations stays within budget was set out last week. After all the trouble with the feed in tariff the government are keeping an eye on the RHI and bringing some certainty to the table with there new press release. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a world first and is designed to revolutionise the way homes and businesses across the nation are heated, cut carbon emissions and help the UK meet its renewables targets. The scheme was launched for the [...]

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Chief warns of bill rises

Alistair Buchanan: "We will be very tight on power station capacity in three to five years time" Consumers are being warned they face higher energy bills as the UK becomes more reliant on energy imports. The warning comes from Ofgem's chief executive, who says falls in the UK's power production capacity are likely to lead to more imports. They predict power station closures could mean a 10% fall in capacity by April this year alone. Mr Buchanan has said the UK needs more gas supplies to fill the shortfall. His warning comes as older power stations [...]

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The Green Deal launches today.

Hate rising energy costs? Green Deal With It. The Green Deal goes live today, giving people the opportunity to transform their homes by paying for energy efficient home improvements with the savings on their energy bills. The Green Deal is the Coalition Government's new initiative to transform Britain's homes. With buildings in Britain among the least efficient in the world, the Green Deal gives homes and businesses a new way of paying for energy efficient improvements such as insulation and new heating systems. There are 45 different types of improvements currently available under the Green Deal, [...]

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Green Deal cashback scheme opens

Today the government reveals that the Green Deal cashback scheme opens but Jonathan Leake of the Times asks is it all good news? This is not new news but in the Sunday Times yesterday Jonathan talks about some of the problems associated with the Green Deal. The first main one is the roll out of loft and cavity wall insulation in the UK. With his report we are lead to believe that with the release of the Green Deal the amount of loft and cavity wall insulation will drop dramatically. From the 900,000 that where done [...]

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DONT PANIC! – Tariff reduction on hold

There has been a nice surprise this week after the release of the new tariff changes. The best of this was: there are hardly any changes! Residential solar PV installations have stayed the same and some commercials have too, there have been a few changes to installation sizes but on the whole they are very small. We hope this trend stays the same and paves the pathway of many years of successful solar PV installs and the security for consumers and solar PV installers. To see Ofgems tariff update please CLICK HERE.   Other Articles High [...]

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2013 New Website & Marketing

To kick start the new year in the right way we are now marketing our new website. Along with this we have a new online advertising and our whole look has had an upgrade. In the new year we are hoping to offer much more to our customers and are looking forward to a busy new year. We are also waiting to hear on revenue streams we may also be able to offer to our clients, we understand there are people that want these technologies that just can not afford them. Happy New Year To You [...]

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