ETA_wood pellet boilerWhy use biomass for your business?

A biomass boiler can produce enough energy to provide central heating and hot water for your business. This will replace gas or any other boiler, with the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) in place the more you burn the more you earn, so no need to cut back on your heating and hot water especially when in demand. Biomass boilers are an excellent alternative to costly fossil fuels which are getting more expensive and running low.

Coupled with low energy costs from the high efficency Biomass Boiler and excellent financial returns from the commercial RHI, Biomass is a leading renewable source of heat. Biomass can be applied from small offices to large factories, farms, hotels and more.

Biomass Boiler benefits Business: (100kW)


  • Installing biomass gives A saving of £3,240 against annual fuel bill.
  • An earning of £11,926 per annum, index linked for 20 years.
  • £15,166 or 23.6% return on a typical investments.
  • £100 spent on oil becomes £68 spent on wood pellets .
  • £100 spent on LPG becomes £55 spent on wood pellets.
  • £100 spent on electricity becomes £21 spent on wood pellets.
  • Funding available from Bespoke at low interest rate over a five/eight year period and repayment will be covered by the return on RHI.
  • RHI payment is returning 8.3p per kilowatt but is being reviewed every 3 month, so the more time you waste the more money you could lose.



Biomass Leicester


Biomass Boiler RHI tariff payments

Based on a 200kW boiler

Renewable Heat Incentive is projected to pay:

  • RHI payment for year one: £13,403
  • Fossil fuel savings year one: £15,804
  • Biomass fuel cost: £7084
  • Net fuel savings: £8720



The nett annual benefit is therefore

£ (13,403 + 15,804) – 7084 = £22,123.00


Note: RHI is payable for 20 years and is index-linked to annual RPI. All figures are prepared with as much accuracy as we can but will vary according to season, climate and commodity values, and are based upon historical data provided by external sources. These figures are very modest and in some cases greater savings can be made.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch, we are forward thinking biomass boiler installers in Leicester, we also cover all of the midlands and UK for our boiler fitting services.

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