With energy bills being a significant overhead for churches and charities we can help a great deal. We can cut your energy bills substantially with solar PV systems and LED lighting.

Whatever type of church or charity you are solar PV makes good sense. These kinds of buildings all require electricity to power lighting, air conditioning, catering facilities which can create a high energy demand. Highly efficient LED lighting is also perfect for these types of businesses bringing further savings.

A solar PV system can get you in shape

If you run a single site church or charity, self-funded solar PV system will give the best returns. Solar will cut your energy bills by a vast amount and give you a second income stream with the Government’s feed-in tariff.

If you have multi-site charities or churches, why not turn your unused roof space into an investment. If you have large roof areas and multiple sites you could qualify for a Power Purchase AgreementThis agreement is where a solar PV system will be fitted for free and maintained for a 20-30 year term. In this scenario, you buy your electricity from the PPA provider at a lower cost than what you buy it from the grid.

We have experience working with these types of businesses and have installed solar PV on many sites. For the NTCG (New Testament Church of God) we have rolled out many solar PV systems including their London, Birmingham, and Northampton sites to name a few (see case studies).

Now is the time to upgrade – LED lighting

As mentioned above LED lighting is a must in this day and age, you can save up to 90% on lighting costs. These LED systems have very short payback times and in fact, the average payback time is 1.5 – 2.5 years. You must also remember LED lights technology can last for around 20 years without replacement.