Commercial Battery Storage

Solar PV energy storage gives you fantastic energy independence; with commercial battery storage you can store the excess energy instead of sending it back to the grid. When the sun has gone down, you are still getting the electricity your solar panel installation has provided.

We can design and install battery storage systems on new or existing solar PV installations to enhance its power that you can use. We work with small systems to large solar PV installs, no matter what size we can design, install and monitor such a battery system. We can design battery solutions to meet your energy demands. It will bring you significant financial savings by utilising that energy that would go to the grid; these savings will last the lifetime of the batteries.

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Solar panel battery storage benefits

Installing commercial battery storage makes you far more independent from the network giving you financial rewards and safety should there be a problem with the grid. We have been working in conjuction with comanies such as TESVOLT to design and install such systems.

Cut energy bills even further

Energy demand during the day changes and at some points. You may not be using as much power, and this means you could be producing more energy than you are using. With a typical solar panel system setup, this extra energy would go back to the grid for someone else you use, but with the battery systems, this will be stored. Throughout the day, the batteries would get charged up ready for use when the solar panels are not producing. We can even set the batteries to charge from the grid at cheap rates to deploy the energy when you would be paying more.

If the worst happens, you will keep functioning

Storing the energy not only means more savings, but it also protects you against power shortages. Brownouts and power cuts can be potential problems. With batteries we keep your business running in these periods smoothly. Protect yourself from the electricity grid not keeping up with capacity, or as the news has been referring to as ‘the lights going out.’

Commercial battery storage for your business – The future is now

If you are looking to upgrade your existing solar panel system to battery storage, we can help, if we installed it initially or not. Contact us; we can show you the savings from solar PV with combined batteries. We will look at the requirements of energy storage for your business, and we can tell you more about our award-winning company.