[dropcaps_dark] S [/dropcaps_dark] olar PV has been very popular since the introduction of the government’s feed-in tariff (FIT). The scheme pays you a set rate for every unit of electricity generated on site. Your business can get index-linked returns of 10-13%, and we think you would be surprised at the figures.


Installing a commercial solar PV system is one of the best ways of reducing your bills whilst making another income at the same time. The more electricity you use the more you save, not only that you are gurenteed to get paid for every kWH(killo watt hour) you produce. Every commercial solar PV installation we design we try to cover as much of your annual daytime electricity consumption. This is protecting you and your business against massive rising fuel costs now and in the future.

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Eco Future 250 All Black

Eco Future High Efficiency Premium All Black Modules

  • 25-year performance warranty
  • 10-year warranty on workmanship
  • Enforced by CHUBB insurance
  • 48 hour-response service
  • Enhanced design-easy installation
  • long-term reliability
  • Designed for the UK Market
  • Self-cleaning glass
  • No maintenance required

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SolaX Poer Inverter


Solax Power Inverter

SOLAX Power Solar Inverter SL-TL3600T with built in Wi-Fi

  • MPPT efficiency up to 99.9%
  • Duel MPP tracker
  • Wide MPPT voltage range
  • longer working time
  • High protection class IP65
  • Quiet and no maintenance
  • Wi-Fi for cloud connection
  • Ground breaking 20Year warranty

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  • Protect your business against future price rises
  • Save on running costs
  • Benefit from inflation-linked returns of up to 11%, guaranteed by government for 20 years
  • Lower carbon emissions for your industry and go green
  • Use roof space for production facilities to generate a second income stream
  • Gain a competitive edge in a slow and tough economic climate
  • Looks good for your corporate identity




The FIT (Feed In Tariff) payments you will receive along with the savings on your energy bills are staggering, we aim to provide a system that will pay for itself in a short amount of years. Depending on the system this can even be as low as 4 years.  This will reduce  your electricity bills massively for the next thirty plus years, you will also get paid from the feed in tariff for 20 years. This is a guaranteed tariff paid to you by your electricity provider.

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[tabgroup] [tab title=”Commercial” id=”t1″]Investing in solar PV is a great opportunity for businesses; get a competitive edge by generating their own electricity and getting paid for the energy you produce. Our specialist commercial team can help you by designing a system to maximise returns whether you are a small office building in the city or a large warehouse in an industrial estate.[/tab] [tab title=”Agriculture” id=”t2″]We design and install solar panels for farms and use our experience in roof or ground mounted system to give you a better choice in design. More and more farms are using solar power now not only to reduce cost but bring in a new income for the farm. Investing in this way is giving farmers a great return and really adds to their business model.[/tab] [tab title=”Public Sector” id=”t3″] Local authorities and schools are another sector seeing the benefits of solar PV. By cutting costs and making a new income they can spend more money on what is important to them. Our service is first rate working on the project from design and install to obtaining approval from authorities and necessary planning permission.[/tab] [tab title=”New Build” id=”t4″]Our design power means every system we install is BESPOKE to your exact needs. We will calculate the carbon reduction savings from your PV system if you are trying to meet the Part L requirements. We have completed many projects that have to meet carbon reduction requirements and will design the system to meet this with minimal cost as possible. We have expertise in both large and small projects.[/tab] [/tabgroup]

The financial gains in having a commercial solar PV panel system installed are very tempting. To find out what we can do for you, please get in touch. We will make an appointment to see you at your convenience and survey your business for free. Being professional commercial solar PV panel installers Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham Loughborough and Derby we have a wealth of knowledge and we are here to pass this on to you.

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