Solar PV will help you meet the minimum renewable energy requirements for the construction industry including PART L and the London plan. Most councils now are asking for renewable energy to be integrated into new buildings to meet requirements set out in these policies.

The cost of renewable technology is usually factored into the construction budget, and the percentage of renewable energy you need will come up when submitting the planning. These systems integrate very easily into the building and will reduce energy bills on the site. This technology will save the site money, plus you will get payments from the Feed in Tariff for having it installed. One other thing to think about is the improvement of your BREEAM score.

Most of these systems will be retrofit, but more systems are coming to market that integrates solar PV into the fabric of the building. The beauty of the retrofit systems is they can be rolled out on any building type without making special requirements to have them installed.

A helping hand with energy requirements.

We’ve are installing all over the UK for the construction industry and have completed work from housing developments, office blocks, warehouses and so on. There are legal requirements for the construction sector surrounding renewable energy, such as PART L that states a new build should be self-sufficient for a minimum of 10%-14% of the consumed electricity onsite.

These figures are slightly different in Greater London and the recently updated ‘London Plan’ states and demands that all new buildings generate a minimum of 15% of electricity demand onsite from renewable technology.

Talk to us more about your project and let us tailor a system to your energy needs to meet these requirements. Send us your plans and drawings via the email on our contact page.