This system comes with the very popular all black Eco Future solar panels combined with the powerful features of the SolaX Power inverter, this system breaks new ground with its fantastic warranties. Not only have the panels got a insurance backed warranty by world renowned company CHUBB but we are offering a 20-year guarantee on the inverter too.

Most solar PV packages come with 5 – 10 year warranties on a stand alone inverter. Our 20 year guarantee on the Solax Power inverter will cover you for the 20 years of the ‘Feed in Tariff’. Remember the thing most likely to have any issue over the lifetime of your system is the inverter.

Not only that but this Solax Power inverter comes with Wi-Fi built in as standard. This can connect to any computer, tablet or smart phone in your home or anywhere in the world as long as you have a internet connection. POWERFUL features as a fantastic price.

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Eco Future 250 All Black

Eco Future High Efficiency Premium All Black Modules

  • 25-year performance warranty
  • 10-year warranty on workmanship
  • Enforced by CHUBB insurance
  • 48 hour-response service
  • Enhanced design-easy installation
  • long-term reliability
  • Designed for the UK Market
  • Self-cleaning glass
  • No maintenance required

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SolaX Poer Inverter


Solax Power Inverter

SOLAX Power Solar Inverter SL-TL3600T with built in Wi-Fi

  • MPPT efficiency up to 99.9%
  • Duel MPP tracker
  • Wide MPPT voltage range
  • longer working time
  • High protection class IP65
  • Quiet and no maintenance
  • Wi-Fi for cloud connection
  • Ground breaking 20Year warranty

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To see more on some of the great features of this system click on the company brochure to the top right of this page. This will give you more information on the system and what comes with it. We give you a 10-year guarantee on our workmanship and we will also back this up with a insurance backed guarantee from the CPA (Customer Protection Agency). This will protect your initial deposit and our workmanship.

This system usually takes a day to install and i’m sure you will be happy with the results of such a great package at this price. Most companies could not offer this package at this price with these guarantees. If you have any questions please email us at or click below to get a free online quote. All online quotes will be backed up by a free survey of the property if you are interested.

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