Solar panels for schools and universities are a great investment, not only financially but also showing and teaching your students about green energy. These are the people of our future so who better to learn about renewable’s and environmental sustainability, one day they will be leading the way and with this knowledge.

With the Carbon Trust and Siemens financing, it may also be possible to offer you a system with no upfront cost. There are certain criteria to meet for this, but if you contact us, we could talk to you about this and get an idea what is best for you. With this scheme, you would pay off the system with the cost savings from the system and the payments from the feed in tariff.

There are also possibilities for the school or college to get a PPA agreement where you would get the system for free, and you would buy your electricity at a reduced rate from the investor. This scheme would reduce your bills saving thousands a year.

We have experience in the education sector having worked with university sites, colleges, academies, and schools. Solar panel installs are advised out of term; this gets around lots of safety concerns and disruption to the students and staff.

Get your Green Flag

Saving energy is the primary motivator for schools to invest in technology to reduce the bills, it is imperative these days for schools to have their hand in sustainability and environmental awareness. Energy saving technology such as solar and LED can be a great contributor to achieving the Green Flag environmental award. – See more about Green Flag.

A solar PV system will help your green credentials and could help you to achieve the Green Flag award. As said above students can also learn first-hand about renewable technology and how it turns solar energy into electricity thus helping the environment.

If you would like to get an idea how solar panels can help you, then please contact us. With our award winning service, we can put together ideas and plans for a solar panel system designed specifically for you.