An energy performance certificate (EPC) will be needed for you to qualify for the full Feed In Tariff after April 1st, 2012.  An EPC is an assessment of your home/business to see how energy efficient it is.

To qualify for the full feed-in-tariff, your property will need to be a ‘D’ grade or above, but don’t worry most UK homes are already a grade ‘D’ or above anyway. EPC’s are also very cheap to get done and add hardly anything to the installation of a solar PV system. We can help you with this and even get one done for you, just contact us.

EPC’s take a lot into account, these are a few:

  • What type of property it is
  • Rooms and layout
  • Its construction type
  • Floor construction
  • Type of windows
  • Insulation
  • Primary heating source
  • secondary heating sources
  • Hot water source
  • Lighting type
  • Renewable technologies

An EPC certificate will be generated by a (DEA) Domestic Energy Assessor, one of these assessors will come to your home and look at all the details above to produce you a certificate for your property. A DEA should be at your home for about 30-45mins depending on the property and size.

This EPC is to keep; say you decide to sell your property one day you will need a valid certificate to do this. Renewables do add value to the property for the simple fact when you sell the house your EPC will be higher than it would have been before and the value of the product installed on your roof will add to the selling price.

You may already have an EPC and not know it as these have been important over recent years when buying and selling properties as mentioned above. Look through your old documents from when you last moved, who knows you may already have one. If you are not sure, then contact us, and we can do a search online to find out if there is a valid one for your property or business.

The government is doing this as an extra measure against fighting co2, which makes sense, what is the point of creating extra energy for your home by investing in technologies such as solar PV if your property is just going to waste that energy by being inefficient itself.