We have an excellent network of finance partners to offer you the solution that suits your needs. We have several very competitive solutions that are leading the way for solar panel installations.

While self-financing a system offers the best returns for a solar PV system, a lot of companies can be restricted by the budget they have or need the funds for an essential service or production activities. We can connect you with solutions that allow you to take advantage of financing, for some companies that look at a PPA (see below) this can be a free system.

Power purchase agreement

A power purchase agreement (PPA) is becoming a common and efficient way of financing commercial systems. If your energy usage and roof space meet specific criteria, this allows you to get a free solar PV installation, financed by a PPA provider. The system generates electrical energy that is sold back to you at a rate cheaper than your current energy prices, saving you money on your bills.

Energy efficiency financing

The Energy Efficiency Financing scheme is an asset finance product and enables you the benefit of the feed-in tariff while conserving working capital within your business for other projects and investments.

Standard Commercial Financing

Standard commercial financing can be done through our partner Nationwide Commercial financing. We work with this company when the other options are not possible and financing must be in place to take the project further


As said above self-financing a solar PV or LED lighting system will give you the best returns overall. You could even be eligible to offset up to £100,000 of the investment in tax through your annual investment allowance. We can put you in contact with our partner to help you investigate your entitlements.