Department of energy and climate changeThe Government has said that there maybe changes in the Feed it Tariff scheme after December. The consultation is in process at the moment and should be over at the end of this month. After this we will see what changes the Government are set to make to the solar tariffs after this point. The residential sector seems the safest at the moment and anything up to 50kW but the larger scale solar tariffs look like they could be up for a big change.

The RO (renewable obligation) which caters for the larger projects is look to be hit quite hard taking the tariffs away or reducing a large amount for solar farms and large scale roof top installations. When you take up a solar panel project and apply for the ‘Feed in Tariff’ you are guaranteed this money for the 20 years, this is the life of the tariff you receive. The figures for the tariffs have been announced all the way up to December and for now your are safe that when you sign up for solar you are getting the returns that you want.

We are urging people interest in a solar panel installation to look at this now while the tariffs are good and staying as they are. Remember your return on investment is still 9-11% and if you sign up now you are guaranteed these rates for 20 years. If you would like any information on this or a solar panel quote then please get in touch.

Adam  L – Bespoke Renewable Solutions Ltd

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