SP2000 Energy Storage System

The SP2000 Energy Storage System stores excess electricity from your solar PV system in a Lithium battery storage pack, giving 4kw of power which can be drawn when the solar PV panels are not producing power.  This simple system can be retrofit to most standard Solar PV installations.

The Lithium Battery Pack is 2 x 48HA 52v batteries in a single cabinet. This management system gives a total capacity of 5kw from batteries of which 80% can be drawn (you cannot 100% empty a battery) leaving 4kw available. The battery pack has its own inbuilt management system which manages the usage, temperature and performance of the batteries to retain the best performance possible and maintaining life span.

How the Growatt SP2000 works

Click here to see data sheet (Growatt-Solar-PV-Battery-Storage.pdf)

The Growatt SP2000 Storage System stores DC electricity straight from the PV panels into a Lithium battery storage pack. The Growatt SP2000 Storage System solar battery storage has a useable capacity of 4kw from fully charged. As renewable energy PV power is generated throughout daylight, the controller manages the available renewable energy power and ensures the most efficient use of the PV generated power. Priority is given to the property demands, with the Lithium battery storage being prioritised next and lastly the power will be exported to the grid.

EVEN THE STORED ELECTRICITY STILL GOES THROUGH THE GENERATION METER, so you are still paid for it, the renewable energy power simply comes from the solar battery storage as it is required instead of instantly as it is generated.

The system does not know if it is daylight or not, so on the occasion that it is during the day but there is low renewable energy generation from the PV but the house requires power, the solar battery storage will still discharge available power from the battery store.

Installation to your solar PV system

The Growatt SP2000 Storage System Controller unit is installed between the PV panels and the inverter (DC side). The most likely location is close to the inverter, alternatives are possible but longer cables will be needed. Limiting installing long additional runs of DC cable will maintain efficiency but short cable runs do not effect efficiency.

This is not a complicated installation. A clear survey will minimise the amount of time required. It is a 2 man job to lift the battery pack into place, however all other areas of the installation are achievable by a single installer.

Growatt SP2000 performance

The Growatt SP2000 Controller Unit has a display on the front. This display will show the status of the Growatt SP2000 Storage System. By following the arrows you can see where any power is moving or being diverted around the system.

If you have a wireless router in the property you can use a Wifi Dongle which is installed into the controller and will remotely link to an online monitoring platform which will allow full information as to the daily weekly and monthly performance of you energy back up system. If you have I phone, iPad or smart mobile device then you can access this information through an ‘Phone App’ straight to your phone.

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