Private hospitals, surgeries, and clinics can dramatically lower energy bills and create an additional source of income with a solar PV system. We understand your needs so you can trust us and have peace of mind that minimum patient disruption will be our first agenda when installing on healthcare institutions.

Most private healthcare companies invest in solar is to reduce their demand on the grid, saving money and producing a second income. Saving money on energy bills and having solar PV is a great asset when frequently using expensive healthcare equipment.

Healthcare can also be seen in the Public Sector page.

Enjoy the benefits of solar PV for your business

A self-fund a solar PV system will usually give the best returns, and a lot of private healthcare companies can do this. You generate your own electricity for reduced bills and also receive payments from the Government’s feed-in tariff for the energy you produce.

With large roof spaces usually present in this sector of business, you may also be legible to take advantage of a free solar PV system through a Power Purchase Agreement. This agreement would mean a free installation with the system having full free maintenance over the term.

Patients come first

We are very mindful of minimising disruption to your patients and your doctors alike. If you agree on an install, a very specific plan will be put together to make sure we deliver a system with best measures in place for you and your patients.