ILG had 400 x 250W solar panels fitted to the roof of their sussex plant. This system will produce 92,800kWh per year and covered the consumption used at the site. We also changed the lighting at ILG, they had such bad lights when we changed it over it saved them 83% on their lighting bills. A vast amount was being spent on the lighting at the plant before it was changed.

It has made them much more profitable now ongoing, the expected lifespan of solar pv is 30 years plus and the LED lighting will run for 20 years. This gives great long term savings and the return on the investment can be very quick. In fact after changing the lighting and adding the solar the payback time for this project was 4.2 years.


With our lighting now updated we are saving a fortune on our energy bills. We had no idea that just changing the lights could make such a dramatic difference to the energy we use. We are thoroughly thrilled with the results and thank Bespoke for making the whole process so easy to implement.

Ellen Philips MD, ILG

This project had its own difficulties to overcome like many installations, at the time of this installation the weather was not on our side. Our installation team of five men rolled this out on time and safely despite the rain, snow and ice that was thrown at them. After the work done on this site a few people in the local business community have shown interest in solar Pv for their businesses too.

If you are interested in solar panels to run your site then please get in touch.