The Energy Act 2011 includes provisions for the new ‘Green Deal’, which intends to reduce carbon emissions cost effectively by revolutionising the energy efficiency of British properties. Bespoke Renewable Solutions will be covering the Green Deal for assessing and installing these measures under The Green Deal in the midlands mainly covering Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Birmingham. Our Green Deal advisers and assessors can take you through the measures that could be implemented under the scheme to bring you savings on your energy bills.

The new innovative Green Deal financial mechanism eliminates the need to pay upfront for energy efficiency measures and instead provides reassurances that the cost of the measures should be covered by savings on the electricity bill. The Green Deal will enable many households and businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their properties so less energy is consumed and less money is wasted.


Consumer protection will be vital to underpin the success of the Green Deal and will be built into every stage of the customer journey. In the event something goes wrong for the customer, clear and accessible mechanisms to enable redress will be vital.

Consumers are protected throughout the Green Deal customer journey through:


  • an impartial advice line and website;
  • safeguards on the selling of the Green Deal;
  • an objective assessment from an authorised assessor;
  • existing legislation governing mis-selling, unfair trading practices and consumer credit agreements;
  • the requirement for the improver to obtain the necessary consents;
  • authorised installers meeting high standards;
  • clear obligations on Green Deal participants to work within a robust Code of Practice;
  • clear confirmation procedures before the Green Deal charge can start to be collected;
  • collection of the charge through the electricity bill, which is regulated by Ofgem;
  • clear processes to follow when a property changes hands, to ensure people know about the Green Deal before they move in; and
  • making it clear before a customer enters into a Green Deal plan, situations when a customer may be required to pay the Plan off early.


The Green Deal will be in operation later in the year and installations of the green deal will probably start early next year. We will be adding news stories on the website about when this will be ready. If you live in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby or Birmingham and want to know more about the Green Deal please get in touch.

For more information on the green deal for now visit Department of Energy and Climate Change and see our pages like what is the green deal and how it works. There are news stores such as ‘The Green Deal Launches today‘ and ‘Green Deal cashback scheme opens‘.

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The Green Deal Leicester will bring many changes for many people with external insulation for lots of those that could not have conventional insulation. There will be focus on energy saving windows and draft proofing keeping your house or business warm through the Green Deal scheme. Renewables are also in the mix with Biomass, Heat Pump and solar thermal. We will be focusing on the Green Deal in Leicester and the surrounding Leicestershire county’s, our advisers will be able to come to your home with a booked appointment.


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