Manufacturers being high energy users and usually having large roofs make solar PV a great opportunity for them. These systems can be financed in different ways or could be installed at no cost through a Power Purchase Agreement.

The manufacturing sector almost always uses the most electrical power due to their machinery and processing, especially for metal processing and production manufacturers. The good thing is the more electricity you use, the more money there is to save. In addition to significantly reduced energy bills or wiping them out, renewable technology also helps the environment and improves business relationships by reducing your carbon footprint.

Big cost savings with free solar PV

Manufacturing companies with considerable roofs suitable for large solar PV systems will generate the high amounts of electricity required to run the building. You will get the best return over time for self-funding a system. Saying that for some a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a great solution for having a solar PV system installed at no cost, while still allowing you to make huge savings on energy bills throughout the 20-40 year term.

This Power Purchase Agreement link will give you further details on a PPA; there is no capital outlay required and the system will be installed and maintained by Bespoke at no cost to your business. Your company will purchase electricity generated by the system at a cost much less than your existing energy supplier.

Creates new opportunities

With businesses under pressure from the Government to reduce their carbon footprint is making everyone not just look at their activities, but the people they have in their supply chain. Wholesalers and retailers are now looking at the actions of manufacturers and logistic companies to see if they have green credentials. These companies are starting to use the ones that do, don’t get left behind.

Improving your own CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by investing in energy technology is a significant step into the future of green, clean energy.