Businesses that own their own offices can benefit from reduced energy bills from solar PV. It can also be a second source of income with a self-funded solar PV system. Corporate landlords that have to complete ESOS assessments can consider LED lighting and solar PV to boost the energy efficiency of their buildings.

Offices usually have a high electrical energy demand due to lighting, computers and other electrical equipment that keeps the meter running throughout the day costing money. A solar PV system can reduce your bills hugely and bring you another income.

On the other hand corporate landlords of offices may not want layout the capital to purchase energy efficient systems as some of the benefits will go to the tenants (unless electricity is included in the tenancy then this can be a great opportunity for the landlord).

However a solar PV system for rented properties will increase the energy efficiency of your office space portfolio which is a requirement of the ESOS assessment for you to at least consider.

There are different ways to invest in a energy efficiency system, you can self-fund, finance or use a Power Purchase Agreement (subject to legibility). Speak to us about your options – contact us.

Make cost savings through new LED Lighting and not just PV

LED lighting  can reduce energy bills by 90% compared to conventional lighting. With systems generally paying for themselves after just 1.5 – 3 years. The benefits of LED lighting should be considered by everyone using lighting. if it is relevant this can also help with your ESOS recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.