If you want peace of mind, our aftercare service ensures your solar PV system is operating at its maximum year after year. Keep performance high and protecting your investment.

Bespoke Renewable Solutions customers benefit from a two-year guarantee on the workmanship of the mounting system and wiring systems we install. After that, we recommend inspecting your system every year. If we did not install your system, we are happy to take this over from the company that installed it, possibly they are not in business anymore.

Please note that our operation and maintenance service is available to those with system sizes from 30kWp and upwards. Contact us for more details and pricing.

Easy as 1-2-3

  • 1. Noncontract maintenance visit

For a one-off non-contract maintenance visit a technician will perform a visual initial inspection of your system. He will test its components and consumables* again. We will look at the data collected by the inverter and what the production has been like, we will also look for any faults on the system. We will file a detailed report of the findings with any recommendations for maintenance work. Extra maintenance work will come at additional cost and will be quoted before hand.

* accessible components of the system will be tested.

  • 2. Monitoring only (contract)

If you would prefer us to monitor your solar PV system, plus a visit detailed in option 1. (minimum 12-month contract), Our ‘real-time’ monitoring of your system will highlight any issues or tell us if the system goes down/offline for any reason.  Any remedial or maintenance work can then get arranged at additional cost. Live production figures will be made available to you online; we will also provide detailed monthly generation reports for your records.

  •  3. Operation, repair & maintenance (contract)

Our full OR&M option (minimum 12-month contract term) gives you all the benefits of option 2, plus two remedial repair visits and up to £250 +VAT towards consumable costs per year. We will also take charge of your feed in tariff, warranty management, and add on live daily meter readings to individual inverter monitoring through your internet connection. With this, we can monitor your system fully from our Offices.