Project Description

Hyson House in Nottingham is a purpose built student accommodation building. It consists of 49 en-suite apartments available in six, seven and eight bedroom clusters, close to Nottingham Trent University Campus in a prime student residential area.

These rental rooms have been built as an investment; the solar will add to that and be good for the owner’s portfolio going forward. When putting in planning the for this building Nottingham council instructed the owners that this building must generate 12-14% of its energy from a renewable source.

After contacting us, we looked at the plans and SAP report to evaluate what would be best for this installation. From this, we were able to give them a plan and quotation without even visiting the site.

Once they passed the documents we sent and contracts were signed, we rolled out this installation over as few days. This was a relatively high building, and a crane was used to get all the installers equipment onto the roof.

As this was a flat roof installation, we could not fix to the newly finished EPDM roof and went for a bucket system with ballast to make the panels secure.

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