Project Description

Marble Home approached us with plans for a new building plot in Evington, Leicestershire. The council had stipulated that the whole site had to produce 14% of its energy from renewable’s and a solar PV installation was picked to do the job.

After doing the calculations, we submitted plans for a 192 solar panel system; this would be broken down to 12-panel systems over 16 houses. These houses were to be sold after the build, so each system was entirely separate with their inverters and meters. The people who buy these houses would then be able to claim the feed in tariff for their new property.

The installs had to work around the building schedule to reduce costs by utilising the scaffold as it went up and came down for the builders. Using the structure this way reduced the quotation by nearly £4000.

The installed happened over six stages, with the last two steps we fitting the inverters and meters after the electrical connection to the grid had been put in place.

If you have a similar project and need calculations and plans for a solar panel install, then please contact us. We pride ourselves on making the whole process simple and easy.