Project Description

This 4kW installation in Leicester had a mixed-orientation from the sun. The back roof gets most of the sun until about 3PM, then it heads over to the front roof for the remainder of the day. After crunching the figures and some consultation with the client, we decided to do a split system.

This seen us put four panels on the front of the house and eight at the back. Panels can affect each other performance when put in strings together, this could course problems if they were fitted this way. To totally irradicate this, we put the front and back panels in their own strings and sent these strings to separate inverters.

The setup was also perfect for solar water heating, this was done with a Solic 200. If you look at the picture with the inverters, you can also see the wireless dongle coming out the bottom of the inverters. The client can monitor the production of each and get an overview of what the system is doing live and historically on his phone, tablet or computer.