Project Description

The New Testament Church of God in Birmingham is one of their biggest churches outside London. There are nearly one hundred churches over the UK, and we have provided solar for quite a few sites.

When we went to visit the Pastor who runs the church it was suddenly apparent he knew his stuff about solar PV. Pastor Douglas had already overseen a solar PV installation before he left his London church to move up to Birmingham, he was looking to do the same again.

Pastor Douglas could clearly see the benefits from solar panel installations and was eager to have it on the Birmingham building.

Bespoke started with one of our main churches in Birmingham, the newly purpose built building in Handsworth. They fitted it out with 240 solar panels. There was also changes to the way the building uses its electricity and the results have been fantastic, so far we have commissioned them to do another further five churches.

Pastor Douglas, NTCG - Birmingham

The installation at NTCG went smoothly, although getting the panels on the roof turned out to be quite an effort. The building is high and without being able to use a crane due to trees and power lines made this quite a job. The team came up with an innovative way to get the solar panels on the building, and this involved a lot of muscle and sweat.

After the panels had been loaded out, they were then fixed down with a trapezoidal bracket directly onto the roof. We fitted 240 solar panels at a power of 250W per panel. This 60kW system used three SolaX inverters that ran into a G59 relay unit; this gave the grid and the building double protection against power surges and network errors.

We have completed many installs for the NTCG, and we hope to be doing more business with them in the future.

If you would like to look into solar PV further, then please contact us.