Project Description

After completing an installation for the Handsworth church in Birmingham we then moved to Northampton, this is not a church but the main registered offices and hub for the NTCG for England and Wales.

The main building was listed which would have needed permission to put and panels on, plus the roof was not suitable for solar anyway. The building roof and the way it was set out did not have room for solar panels even though it is a significant structure.

Luckily at the back of the building, there had been an extension with a conference room that had a flat roof. This space was perfect for fitting solar, and we designed a system with a low pitch frame railing system that does not need any ballast to weigh it down.

The solar fixing system clicks every row and panel together making it one large structure instead of several small ones. This fixing creates an all overweight that is enough to make sure the solar panels do not move.

This system has produced some fantastic energy, and the NTCG are showing their green credentials. If you are interested in an installation, please contact us.