The Highcroft farm is more suited to a residential abode these days, they do have quite high electricity usage though. The system was designed to take full advantage of the large roofs that they had over the properties and outbuildings. A south-facing roof overlooking fields was picked for the installation, this would hold a 10kW [...]


Our client at the Omega centre runs a business from the bottom floor of the building while renting out the other office space upstairs. He wanted to make the building more efficient. Bespoke Renewable Solutions helped out by specifying a 25kW solar PV system, solar water heating, a new energy-efficient boiler. There was a 70% [...]


After seeing the New Testament Church of God next door put solar on their roof, George Street Nursery decided to do the same. After producing drawings and quotations, the Nursery decided to get the full amount of panels on the roof they could. This 20kW solar panel system was fitted over three days and had very little if [...]


Marble Home approached us with plans for a new building plot in Evington, Leicestershire. The council had stipulated that the whole site had to produce 14% of its energy from renewable's and a solar PV installation was picked to do the job. After doing the calculations, we submitted plans for a 192 solar panel system; this [...]


Hyson House in Nottingham is a purpose built student accommodation building. It consists of 49 en-suite apartments available in six, seven and eight bedroom clusters, close to Nottingham Trent University Campus in a prime student residential area. These rental rooms have been built as an investment; the solar will add to that and be good [...]