The Highcroft farm is more suited to a residential abode these days, they do have quite high electricity usage though. The system was designed to take full advantage of the large roofs that they had over the properties and outbuildings. A south-facing roof overlooking fields was picked for the installation, this would hold a 10kW [...]


After completing an installation for the Handsworth church in Birmingham we then moved to Northampton, this is not a church but the main registered offices and hub for the NTCG for England and Wales. The main building was listed which would have needed permission to put and panels on, plus the roof was not suitable for solar anyway. [...]


Mr. James had a 4kW system fitted to his property with a solar immersion controller. The install took one day and was relatively easy due to the low pitch roof and type of tile that was on there. The immersion controller sends energy you would not use back to the grid and diverts it to your [...]