For a short time now we have been fitting the new ReneSola 265w solar panels. The new 265w panel are a great panel and its efficiency is 16.3% which is quite a bit higher than the standard mono or poly crystalline panels with its size being the same as a 250w panel.

We did get a shock though when finishing set-up to see his system producing 4230Watts. The inverter had been set to G59 settings as there was a problem with the network in his area with the voltages being slightly high. The G59 setting will open up the inverter a bit more but we where very surprised to see the ReneSola panels pushing thw wattage up to 4230!!

We did get a picture of the system performing these figures as you can see above in the main image but we did not manage to get an image at the 4230 again but it was close. This is fantastic production and we rate the ReneSola 265w panels very high and they are very well priced for the power they can produce.

As one of the major solar panel installers Leicester we always strive to offer the latest and best products on the market.

See the data sheet here for the ReneSola 265w:

Renesola Datasheet 156 series square mono 260w-270w


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