Battery storage for your home

Instead of exporting energy you are not using, why not use it at night. Battery storage prices have come down lots and boost your savings from a solar panel system.
So you don’t use all your solar panel energy in the day? SIMPLE, add battery storage to the mix. With the latest in residential battery technology, you can store unused PV energy in the day and use it when the sun goes down. This brings a great boost to your system and it’s financial returns. Nearly everyone exports surplus energy from their solar panel system, why not capture it.

Battery Storage for home
Solar Panel Battery System

Thinking of a solar PV system?

If you are thinking of purchasing a solar panel system it can make sense and be cheaper to have the battery storage fitted with the installation. You can have the system fitted with a hybrid inverter, this will convert the DC energy to AC energy to use in the home and will also control the battery power.

What about FIT payments?

If you had a system fitted and get the Feed-In-Tariff, you can still get your generation payments from the solar panel system and your export payments. Export payments are deemed as 50% of what the system has produced on your meter, you still get this. In the future with smart meters, your electricity export could be monitored by the electricity company. However, if this was to be the case, you get much more for using the energy than you do for exporting it. The figures speak for themselves.

We have experience installing these systems and have all over the country, with our award-winning service we know we can find the system that suits your needs. Whether it be for use with an existing solar install or if you are looking for a whole new solar panel and battery combined system, we can help. We use many different products and we can advise you on what’s best for you and your situation.

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