The installation above is on an outbuilding roof at the bottom of our customers garden in Leicestershire. There are many different fixing kits that can be utilised to fit solar panels in many different situations. This 4.5kW system will generate lots of clean electricity and make them far less reliant on the ever-increasing energy grid.

If you have ever thought about an installation, speak to us about your ideas and we can give you ours. This installation also had the inverter for the system fitted in the outbuilding, the inverter changed the DC energy into AC that can be used in the home. From the inverter, we ran an armoured cable back to the house that was hidden along the customer’s fence line. This was then changed to a smaller more flexible twin and earth cable once it got into the house. This cable was run back to the consumer unit in the garage where we fitted another switch to turn the system off from the house and a meter than can be read without having to leave the comfort of the home.

Solar Panel systems are really fit and forget. once you have it set up properly, you should be able to let it run and bring you the savings it produces. If you want to find out more fill in the form at the side or bottom of this page.