Being one of the premier solar panel installers in Leicester we aim to bring you the best and widest range of products we can. We have been fitting Solar Edge systems for a while now and the production figures really add up. If you are looking to install a solar panel system a normal inverter will do the job and some we provide work very well, such as SMA, Samil Power, Fronius, MasterVault and Power One but if you are looking for something a bit more special we advice Solar Edge.

Solar Edge inverter’s come with something called the power optimizer, this device goes on the roof under the panel and speaks to the inverter telling it exactly what electrical energy each and every individual panel is producing. With this the inverter can set itself to get maximum production from what is being produced on the roof squeezing every drop of power it can out for use in your home or business.

This naturally beings better production all round and is fantastic if you have any ares of shading on the roof. If a panel is shaded it wont effect the rest of the panels in that string, instead the inverter will see this and adjust itself to get the maximum gains in this situation where a normal inverter would start to create losses in production.

Not only that the Solar Edge inverter will link to your internet and give you live online data of what your system is doing from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can physically see what each and every panel is producing and see all historical data.

Solar Edge solar panel installers Leicester

It does not stop there, if your system has a problem or see’s a issue it will email you to tell you there is something  is going on that should not. These email warnings are fantastic to make sure your system is up and running constantly at maximum production. If there is a problem we can contact Solar Edge who will log into your inverter and in five minuets we can have the error codes and see what problem it is facing without even having to come to your home or business. If there is something wrong you will be glad to know that the inverter is guaranteed for 12 years and the optimisers for 25 years being one of the best in the industry. Whats more this system is one of the most reliable on the market.

Being one of the most forward thinking solar panel installers of Leicester and the midlands we offer system design with Solar Edge integrated for any size install. We offer great prices on this ground breaking solar panel technology and are happy to offer you the best tools on the market.


Don’t take our word for it see the write up and test data from Photon Lab, the German independent test lab for solar panel equipment:

Solar Edge-Case-Study-Photon

Solar Edge-Case-Study-Photon-Summary

Single Phase Inverters 16A 3500 to 4000 Datasheet

Power Optimiser Datasheet


If you would like to see a demo of Solar Edge working then please click the link below got to the bottom of the page and click DEMO ACCOUNT.

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