Solar PV systems bring great returns for you and your family. Reduce your energy bills by a large amount and get money from the Government’s feed-in tariff with the best Solar Panel Installer in Leicester.

Our professional and experienced approach to solar PV installs makes us one of the best solar panel installers in Leicester.  We deliver in-depth surveys with design, project management and installation. We give industry leading advice put together for you by an award-winning installer. We also have very competitive prices for the solar PV market.  Your investment means a lot to us and we will give you a BESPOKE solution that gives you the best returns.

We have installed 1000’s of Solar PV system in Leicester and all over the country for the domestic market, are referral rates are extremely high. To get an initial idea we can even give you an online quote using Google earth. – see how it works here and get a free online quote.

Cut them bills down

The system that you can get on your roof and what it will produce is governed by certain factors. The size of the roof (how many panels can you get on or need), the roof pitch, the way the roof is facing and is it subject to any shading. These factors are the core things we look for when quoting on a system. As said above we can usually do this initial quote using Google Earth and Maps with their measuring tools. If you are Leicester based and want solar PV panels we will happily come out to you before this if you would like.

The feed-in tariff will pay you for every kWh (kilowatt hour) of electricity the PV system generates regardless if you use it or not. You also get paid for the exported electricity that goes back to the grid. The tariff assumes you will use half of the energy you generate, so the export payment will be on half of the generation total.

We guarantee our workmanship for 10 years which is more than any other company we know, with most of our products carrying up to a 10-year manufacturer warranty. For Leicestershire solar panel installations, we offer a free 5-year health check for your system.

Enquire today and find out what returns your roof can make with a quote from Leicester’s best solar panel installer.

Domestic battery storage is here

Instead of sending that electricity you have generated and are not using back to the grid, why not use it at night. Battery storage prices are getting to the point now that the technology is a good investment boosting your savings by using this energy when the sun has gone down.

One of the great things about this is you will save that extra energy for use in the evening but you will still receive your 50% export payments from the production of your solar panels. You will get your feed in tariff payments still, your export payments still and will save extra money in the evening by running your home off the battery units.

The future of energy is here and now. To find out more get in touch or get a free online quote.

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