For businesses, it’s a win-win situation. You save money, you save the environment, and you control the future of your energy costs. We have helped many businesses to harvest their energy and cut free of the reliance on the power grid.

Our award-winning approach to solar gives you an industry leading consultation with solutions from financing a solar panel installation, to designing a system that is right for you and your business. We keep you in mind all the way and listen to what you want; your project manager will take you through all we do and ensure an efficient installation and handover.

We strive forward in health and safety to keep your staff and ours safe while the solar panel installation goes through to completion. We are innovators in health and safety techniques.

Our relationship with you and your business doesn’t stop after the installation is complete. We have a full operation and maintenance service so we can monitor your solar panels real-time in our live software. We can talk to your system remotely and diagnose any faults throughout the lifetime of it running. Faults are very rare, solar extremely reliable.

Solar Panel installation Planning
Solar Panel Installation

Why solar panels for my business?

Solar panels are still a good option that should be taken into serious consideration for businesses all over the UK, and there are many reasons for this:

Save money on bills

Solar panels can give you business a huge boost by saving money generating free, green electricity to be used onsite. Solar PV is one of the cleanest forms of energy production around. Solar panels will lower your energy demand from the power grid during daylight hours and could potentially save you thousands of pounds every year on energy bills.

Battery storage also means instead is sending unused energy back to the grid, this energy can be saved and used when the sun has gone down.

Your energy future

It is the fact that the electricity grid is struggling to keep up with our growing economy and talk about ‘the lights going out’ on the news is a reality. If the worst did happen and your business went off-grid with a solar panel installation, you would keep running. The Government has introduced mandatory energy audits for large companies through the mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, hinting that future energy usage from the grid could also be regulated.

Help the environment

Generating and harvesting electricity from solar on your roof reduces your carbon output and could offset most, if not all, of your business’ carbon emissions. Climate change has become a huge thing these days, and we are all being asked to do our part, solar panels are a good strategy for businesses looking to get an edge on their competition. Show the industry you work within your green credentials and strengthen relationships with your customers.

Apart from that you will have control of your energy and will not be stung by future price rises by your energy provider and the natural rise of inflation.

Business finance when looking at solar panel installations

As you may know, the feed-in-tariff was cut back in January 2016, the tariff is still there, but it’s not as high as it was. The effect this has produced is a pushing down of solar panel prices and equipment. Your business can make good financial returns buying a solar PV system outright. For businesses without capital or that want to spend their money on other projects, we can help. See our finance options page for this.

If your business meets criteria, you may be able to get a power purchase agreement. Solar panels would get installed on your roof at no cost to your business. You then buy your energy from the funder at a much lower rate than you currently pay. Using a PPA can save you a fortune on energy and let you plan your energy costings for the next 20-25 years.

Solar Panel Fitter

The commercial rooftop specialists in solar panel installations.

We have been installing on residential and business rooftops for many years now and have seen the market change a lot in that time. Our company and the solar panel industry have gone through some changes over the years, for some of us, the solar industry has gone from strength to strength. We no longer heavily rely on the government’s feed-in-tariff due to the cost of solar coming down 75% (% based on our prices from 2011 and today) making solar a viable technology in your businesses future.