Solar panels for home, now is the time.

The price of solar panels has fallen greatly since the introduction of them with the feed-in tariff ten years ago. The prices are now at an all-time low, if you always wanted solar PV, now is the time. Battery storage is now making its way into the energy mix, letting homeowners save energy to use in the evenings when the sun has gone down.

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We do more than solar panels for homes.

With 10 years of experience in the energy business, we can offer you advice and designs on solar panels. We can look at your home energy efficiency and recommend other products we offer, such as in-roof solar panels, battery storage and electric car charging points.

We’re here if you want more information about these products or it’s something you wish to add-on in future.

Solar panels

We can help you get the best solar panel solution for your home. Our team will assess your home/roof and provide you with information on the range of products that suit you. They will be able to answer any questions and give you a quote.


Battery Storage

If you already have solar panels, then we can still help. We can take your system to the next level by installing battery storage to your home. With battery storage you’ll be able to store the power you’ve generated during the day to use when you need it at night.


Car Charging

Charge your electric car from home and use the surplus electricity you generate from your solar panels. You could qualify for a government grant of up to £500, we can help with this. Electric cars are set to take over, eventially we will be fully electric.


100’s of happy solar panel installs

You could save up to £400 a year on your electricity bills by installing solar panels. Savings you can really see and monitor, the system can run for up to 30 years.

Generating your own electricity, you can be less reliant on the grid. You also protect yourself from rising energy prices, it’s better to generate your own than buy it.

Be proactive and help the environment by generating clean energy using the power of the sun. You’ll also be cutting your carbon footprint and contributing to a  community of people installing this technology.

Install your system with a team you can trust, we have designed and installed hundreds of solar panel systems. We have happy customers across the UK for residential and commercial solar PV installs, you can speak to them too.

If you need any help, please get in touch.

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We had a 4.5kW system and battery fitted by Bespoke. The system is great and we charge are car too from the energy we produce. Their quotation and figures were very clear to understand.

Mary Philips, Derby

Bespoke designed a system for my new home I was building. We had to meet certian requirements made by the local council. Bespoke did this with ease and we are extremely happy with the results.

Kacey Wright, Leicester

Bespoke have fitted solar panels to many of our rental properties in the Midlands. We are happy with their service and let them deal with the installations, a good team.

Raj Singh, Nottingham

We had our system fitted by Bespoke, we are pleased to see the system generating as promised. We looked at the figures and payback in much detail, we are glad to say it lives up to what the proposal said.

Phil Barker, Leicestershire