Solar Panels for Homes

A solar panel system will give significant savings to you and your family. Reduce your energy bills, become less reliant on the energy grid, and be part of the green movement. Our professional and experienced approach to solar PV installs makes us one of the best installers around.

We deliver surveys with design, project management, and installation all over the UK. We give leading advice on many products, put together for you by an award-winning installer. We have very competitive prices for the solar PV market.  Your investment means a lot to us, and we will give you a BESPOKE solution, that offers you fantastic returns.

Solar installers Leicester

Solar PV to cut the bills

Certain factors govern the solar panel system that you can get on your roof and what it will produce. The size of the roof, pitch and direction it is facing are relevant. These factors are the core things we look for when quoting on a solar panel system. We can usually do the initial quote using Google Earth and Maps with their measuring tools. This online survey will give us a good idea of what type or size of the PV system you can have.

Our work is guaranteed, and we have been designing and installing solar panels for ten years. Enquire today and find out what you could be saving with solar PV.

Battery storage is here.

To use the maximum amount of energy from your system (existing solar PV installation or a new one). Battery storage can be a further asset bringing you additional savings.

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