If you live in Leicester or the Midlands and are looking for a local company that do solar panel installations you have come to the right place. We are the No1 solar PV installer in Leicester and have been for quite some time servicing the UK. We take a lot of pride in the work we do and we cover everything from small residential to large scale commercial and ground mount solar. There are a few Leicester companies that install solar panels but none we have found with the detail we put into your proposed solar PV panel project.

If you click below and fill out the details we can send you a quote. This is done by using Google Earths measuring tools that are extremely accurate to calculate your roof space. Why not found out how solar panel system can benefit you. Best of all the quote is free.

Our best residential offer for the new year.

This combines the NEW SolaX inverter and ECO-Future full black 250W solar panels. The system comes with the best guarantees on the market today and some fantastic features such as built in Wi-Fi.

Starting at just £1,900.00 with 4kW systems for £4,200.00 and that includes 5% VAT and fully installed.

This offer is unbeatable with 20-year guarantees on all SolaX inverters.

We do a lot of work in the Leicestershire area and have completed many installs from residential to commercial. Not only are our prices fantastic but the service that comes with it. At Bespoke we make sure every survey, quote and install is a personal service. If you get a online quote for a solar panels this will be backed up by a visit to survey your property if you are interested in our proposal. If you live in Leicester or Leicestershire you can always request us to come out first if you think that would be best for you.