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Low carbon drive ‘cuts household bills

Britain's low carbon energy revolution is actually saving money for households, a report says. Households make a net saving of £11 a month, according to analysis from the Committee on Climate Change. It calculates that subsidies to wind and solar are adding £9 a month to the average bill, but that rules promoting energy efficiency save £20 a month. The finding will be challenged by groups which say the UK spends too much on renewable energy. Savings But the committee, which advises the government, stands by its analysis, and forecasts a continuing trend of downward prices thanks to [...]

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Leicestershire see’s the build of UK’s first Solar House

We are pleased to announce that the UK's real first ‘Solar House’ has been given planning permission by Harborough District Council. The build will be taken on by Caplin Homes and the  Solar panel Home will use hybrid solar panels  to meet the property’s electrical, heating and hot water requirements.  Solar energy produced from the panels in the summer can be stored by heating the ground beneath the building and this is retrieved through a heat pump in the winter. The design of the two storey house also uses other methods (some of that go back [...]

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