Transport and logistics companies can also be quite high energy users, and green credentials can mean a lot for business. Solar PV could improve your green credentials and help to improve client relationships while reducing your cost.

With almost all of these companies having large warehouse area roofs, it see’s an excellent opportunity for a solar PV installation.  This turns otherwise unused roof space into an investment in technology to make huge savings and long-term sustainability.

Save on energy bills and cut the costs

There are lots of transport companies that have and will self-fund solar PV installations, or some people like to finance a system with some of their finance providers. A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an excellent idea when wanting to save money and reduce energy across multiple sites, or one site dependent on the size.

You will get the biggest return off a self-funded system and after that a financed installation, but a PPA system that’s installed and maintained with no cost can be very attractive to some customers. With this setup you gain from cheaper electricity for the term of the agreement, this saves you lots money and protects you from each price inflation by the energy companies.

Looking good

Solar PV can reduce your carbon footprint by quite a vast amount depending on the install. With legislation from the Government trying to reduce carbon emissions solar can help a lot, reducing your impact on the environment and showing that you have green credentials.