Installing a solar PV system, retailers and wholesalers can benefit from lower energy bills to reduce overheads and remain competitive. Furthermore, a solar PV system also demonstrates a real consideration for the environment to your customers.

The sectors of the retail and wholesale markets usually have things in common; most are open 6/7 days a week, they have a high energy demand, and they have unused roof space which can be used to implement their power plant with solar PV. With these sectors becoming increasingly competitive, many ‘bricks and mortar’ companies are looking to find ways to streamline and cut costs. Solar PV is a great opportunity for any business looking to take advantage of technology to gain an edge on the competition.

A self-funded system is always going to give you great returns, and we can even set-up a finance. A free solar PV system through an attractive Power Purchase Agreement can also be a good option for some. You can contact us to find out more.

Go green and show care for the environment

Now is the time to show your green credentials, consumers are still driven primarily by price, but it has been shown that having green credentials can win over the business. There are lots of people who would rather deal with a greener company, and this trend seems to be growing.

Solar PV and LED lighting (see below) not only reduces your bills but allows you to generate green energy on site, reducing what you take from the grid and helping you on the way to a better carbon footprint.

Replacement LED Lighting can save you up to 90%

Again both of these sectors use high amounts of light, and this can be a major contributor to the electricity bill. With LED lighting systems you could see savings up to 90% on your lighting bills, plus clients typically see the system payback time in as little as 2.5 years.