Solar panels are becoming the fastest growing energy source in the world today, and this is for a very good reason. It offers very long supplies of clean, safe, renewable energy for heat and electrical power.  Solar panels have are becoming more affordable all the time and panels are also becoming more efficient plus more reliable than they ever have before. Prices in recent years have dropped significantly, making it a great time to invest in these technologies.

The great advantages of solar apart from lowering your house hold bills and paying you for the energy you produce is the greater independence from fossil fuels. From this we get a cleaner environment and not as much pressure from volatile and ever rising energy prices. Solar systems are reducing the need to build carbon bellowing fossil-fueled power plants and are a critical weapon in the fight against global warming and the destruction of our ozone layer.  Solar panel systems are by far one of the best ways to cut your energy usage, along with a well insulated house, energy saving light bulbs and – well you get what we are saying.

Seeing your bills drop is always a blessing and with solar panel systems you will notice this even more, especially if you use it to its full extent. Your habits will have to change a bit to get the maximum from it. Putting your dishwasher/washing machine on in the day if you have solar PV and try to have more showers than baths if you have solar thermal . SAP (standard assessment procedure) calculations that you get from us that tell you how much you will save on electricity (Solar PV) are not always correct, remember these are based on percentages and I spoke to a customer the other day had managed to cut his electricity with a solar PV system by nearly 50% which was about £500 a year, that’s good going.

Energy Prices are another thing to take into consideration, these are set to rise a huge amount in the future and will keep rising. We have seen electricity and gas go up massive amounts in the last few years and are set to rocket even more. There is talk of fuel shortage and even blackouts in years to come if the country does not start doing something drastic soon to create more energy.  The government are dropping some of the big idea’s it had on producing power and energy companies are having to go further and further out to sea with them digging further down than ever before.  Prices will become highly inflated and passed onto us, with the big six energy companies making billions of profit every year. There is no consideration for us as energy companies say fuel bills are going up because of the price they pay for imports, but when the price of imports go down do energy prices ….. NO! and on top of that every year they are making billions more profit.

If that is not enough to get you investing in solar panels (and this is where i come to investing) you will get paid a tariff or incentive for producing your own electricity or hot water (Feed in TariffRHI). Look and see all the benefits of solar, we think you will be surprised and astonished at how much it can do for you. Renewable investments in solar panels such as solar PV and solar thermal are becoming the future now. These are helping you reduce the energy you need from the system and helping you become that bit more self sufficient.

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